Experience Uinta You pick the UTV Give us a shout and we'll get it ready for you! Rent Now Including Ride Command® More Standard Features Included standard with all our UTVs is Polaris' Ride Command®

Why to Rent Our From Unita Adventure?

Premium UTV

Enjoy your adventure with a supercharged machine that will get you there and back safely and with a lot of fun!

Know Where You're At

All our machines come with Ride Command® a system that will guide you on the trails and back home.


Easy Half/Full-Day Rentals

Rent for an entire day and explore the many Uinta Area backcountry trails or take a relaxing ride for part of the day.

Rent Fully Insured

Ride easy knowing that you're protected and insured.

Polaris Premium RZR


Polaris XP 4 1000 (4 Seater)

24 Hour Rate
Full-Day Rate
Half-Day Rate



Polaris XP 1000 (2 Seater)

24 Hour Rate
Full-Day Rate
Half-Day Rate


Included with rental:

Ride Command®
USB and Bluetooth Connection
Optional Clothing